interactivemagnetic walls opening doors products contact me interactive learning walls This exciting and unique range has been created for use by children of all ages and learning styles.   Each interactive  product  is fabricated using the highest quality materials and are supplied with fixings and instructions. All our artworks are manufactured in the UK. This bespoke range has a 4- 6  [...]

Sensational Surrealist Corridor I've just finished a Sensational Surrealist Corridor children in Year 4 and Year 5 .About 20 gifted artists were chosen to work with me for ideas and designs. Then other children worked in small groups to help me paint the 7 huge artworks which included the never ending Year 6 corridor! A fantastic project [...]

arts projectsmagnificent mosaics storytelling walls tactile tiles marvellous metalwork sparkling textiles magnificent mosaics Create a beautiful focal points for your school!  Pupils from Year 3 upwards help design and make beautiful mosaics for school entrances, halls, walls, play areas and gardens. Pupils take part in design workshops and learn traditional mosaic techniques. They work in [...]